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Our chain mail and armor holds up well to the elements. The chain mail bernie (shirt or coat) and coif is made with the classic 4 through 1 link pattern perfected and used in the medieval maille.   Material construction is16 Ga. Galvanized steel closed-on-end links. We also stock black chain maille medieval armor shirts and matching chain mail coif (hood).


Chain Mail – Is This The Best Armor Ever Invented?

Many, many cultures utilized the connecting rings of protection throughout the centuries. The earliest archeological find is from 4th century BC from the Estruscans. This was a culture that was contemporary with Ancient Rome and Greece that believed in warfare for economic sustenance. They would raid their neighbors for land, salvage and slaves, selling back high ranking individuals to their families and sacrificing others on the tombs of their war leaders. Their tombs were outfitted as if for the living and prove valuable insight to their lifestyle and priorities, including finding mail armor.

The early Celts were an ancient people who spread from central Europe into the British isles and southern Europe and were the leaders in the area that finally fell to Roman invasion. Their reign lasted about 300 years before they were forced back into the far ends of the British Isles and remotest regions of Europe in the 1st and 2nd centuries by the Romans. They are credited with the ‘invention’ of mail armor but its roots appearing in the Estruscan era is probably more of a factor for their use of it, as this type of armor spread through North Africa, the Middle East, Central and Southeast Asia, Tibet, India, and Japan. Another theory looks at early examples of scale armor such as the Roman squamata or the Japanese gyorin kosane as possible inspiration for the rings, rather than being sewn into cloth or leather, but being utilized by joining the rings together to fashion the mail or as we moderns term it- chain mail.

With the widespread use of the mail, its name has never been any assistance in being fully determined as to origin of its name or inventor. Chain mail is a modern term for what was known as maille or mail armor, called in latin ‘macula’ which literally means ‘spot’, ‘maille’ in Old French probably from the term ‘maillier’ which means ‘to hammer’ and my personal favorite in Middle English “meile” which, when is pronounced with the Gaelic accent, which has its roots in Celtic language, is ‘ma-elah’ which is the closest to our own pronounciation of ‘mael’.

The construction of mail was available for every aspect of armor literally from head to toe. The two pieces best known to us are the mail coif, a headpiece that extended over the neck and partial shoulders and the mail shirt that came in various links, usually referred to as a hauberk. Many combinations of both chain mail and leather or even later, chain mail and steel plate can be found. Some form of mail is found in even modern applications for soldiers, woodcutters and butchers, making its form one of the oldest and the most successful armor protection to date.

Both strong yet supple, it could protect its owner in long range defense against arrows and against the sharp thrust of sword or dagger during the height of its use which was the early to middle Medieval Age. Even after full suits of plate armor became the armor of choice by the 15th century, no knight worth his salt would be caught without some chain mail in his pack for travel or other occasions when the heavier plate armor was just too hot or too much for the occasion. Studies of skeletal remains show that it was so effective that most fighting was aimed at finding places where the soldier was not protected by the mail and wounds would be inflicted to weaken the enemy in those areas such as the legs.

Chain mail armor is a favorite in Medieval reenactments or tournaments today as it is lighter weight than the wieldy plate armor and continues with the same advantages that it gave the earlier Medieval soldier or knight that took to war in the age of yesteryear, a battle cry still echoing through the ages to our souls of the horror of combat and the battle cry of those caught in the blood rage of conflict.

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The ARMOR is all hand-made. They are shipped disassembled. All merchandise can be shipped via UPS. The Medieval Helmets are shipped in a protective gel for ocean transit.

Shipping: We have been in business for over 10 years so you can count on top quality, value, good service and prompt delivery. All is carefully pack all armor in a heavy duty, double wall  kraft corrugated carton to insure damage free product. The merchandise is shipped via Standard Ground Service (Fed Ex or UPS).  Shipping costs are 15 % in the continental United States. Shipments to Hawaii and Alaska will be quoted on an individual basis. We can also ship to Canada. Call for a freight quote. No shipping service is offered to any other countries. Your satisfaction is insured by a money back guarantee. You may return any item that you are not 100% satisfied with for a refund. RMA required on all returns. Must be in new salable condition.

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