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Medieval Chain Mail Armor

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Medieval Chain Mail Armor

SCA -  Wearable Plate Armor - Helmets

chain mail bernie
chainmail shirt / bernie

armor spaulders
SCA armor

chainmail coif
chain mail coif / hood

black chain mail
black chain mail

armor legs
armour leggings

Armor Breastplate
armor breastplates

armor gauntlets

maille stand made from wrought iron
chainmail stand

medieval axe
medieval axes

Templar Chain Mail Shirt
Templar Chainmail

medieval helmets

Our chain mail and armor holds up well to the elements. The chain mail bernie (shirt or coat) and coif is made with the classic 4 through 1 link pattern perfected and used in the medieval maille.   Material construction is16 Ga. Galvanized steel closed-on-end links. We also stock black chain maille medieval armor shirts and matching chain mail coif (hood)..

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black suit of armor
Medieval Armor

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A vast selection of swords , chain mail armor, wearable armor and replica weaponry for the stage performer or period re-enactor. Swordsandarmor.com is the most complete medieval, renaissance and fantasy web site on the entire internet. Top quality and the best prices make this online dealer the choice for any  sword or armor buff. they  have a reat selection of Scottish, Roman and Samurai items also. The absolute best dealer for a quality replica suit of armor.

Brief Chain Mail Armor History 

Chain mail was first used around 700 AD where early Norman and Saxon armies protected themselves in combat with this prized commodity. During that time, the hood or coif was widely used. By 1100 primarily all armor was maille. The full length shirt is called a hauberk and was normally long sleeve and ankle length. The bernie is shorter and normally has half sleeves. It  was slow phased out in favor of plate armor by the mid 1400's. Link armor was still extensively used however throughout medieval Europe until the middle 1600's. This was a true testament to the genius of the design.

Few inventions or pieces of technology have had a life span of a thousand years.

The ARMOR is all hand-made. They are shipped disassembled. All merchandise can be shipped via UPS. The Medieval Helmets are shipped in a protective gel for ocean transit.

Shipping: We have been in business for over 10 years so you can count on top quality, value, good service and prompt delivery. All is carefully pack all armor in a heavy duty, double wall  kraft corrugated carton to insure damage free product. The merchandise is shipped via Standard Ground Service (Fed Ex or UPS).  Shipping costs are 15 % in the continental United States. Shipments to Hawaii and Alaska will be quoted on an individual basis. We can also ship to Canada. Call for a freight quote. No shipping service is offered to any other countries. Your satisfaction is insured by a money back guarantee. You may return any item that you are not 100% satisfied with for a refund. RMA required on all returns. Must be in new salable condition.

Packaging: Some of the carriers can be rough on packages. We all have had experiences with patiently waiting for a mail order or online order only to find it damaged upon arrival. We take every precautionary measure to pack your order very well in a heavy weight container with sufficient padding to insure a safe ride to your home regardless of the color of the truck.

Returns: We stand behind all of our merchandise. If you are not happy when you receive your order, just let us know and we will exchange it or replace it for another item. If we cannot serve you we will gladly refund your purchase amount. We pride ourselves in providing the best merchandise at the very lowest prices. 

Lead Time: Most orders are shipped the within 3-5 days. Average transit time is 2-7 business days depending on your area of the country and location.

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